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VFX and Color Correction

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VFX and Color Correction

Metropoliz – Rome, in a former cold cuts factory currently occupied by non-EU and precarious blocks a man, who thinks he is St. John the Baptist, is welcomed by the locals. In the factory is about to inaugurate an exhibition of contemporary art organized by MAAM, the museum really rose in the building occupied in defense of the “metropolizers” continually threatened with eviction. Giovanni wanders among the artists and makes friends with the children of Metropoliz, confusing reality with his visions. His intention is to gather all the saints in Metropoliz to start preaching again from that place but he will discover that he is the performer of one of the invited artists.

Movie Card

DirectionPaolo Consorti
ActorsLuca Lionello, Federico Rosati, Mauro F. Cardinali, Franco Nero, Alessandro Haber, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cinzia Carrea, Roberta Scardola, Flaminia Bonciani, Maja Lionello, Carmelo Segreto
ScreenplayPaolo Consorti
PhotographyDario Germani
EditingClaudio D’Elia
ProductionGiuseppe Lepore for Bielle Re