Il delitto Mattarella


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January 6, 1980. The President of the Sicilian Region Piersanti Mattarella is going to Mass with his family. A young man approaches the car window and shoots Piersanti in cold blood and kills him. Despite the disorientation of the moment with a series of misdirections towards left-wing terrorism, the crime appeared anomalous in its manner.

The young Deputy Prosecutor on duty, on that day of the Epiphany, will be Pietro Grasso, future Anti-mafia Prosecutor and President of the Senate. The investigation will be continued by Judge Instructor Giovanni Falcone, who will discover dangerous relations between Mafia, Politics, Nar and neo-fascists, Magliana gang, Gladio and Secret Services. The film reconstructs the political climate that preceded the murder: protected in Rome by the Secretary of the DC and the President of the Republic, Pertini, Mattarella is totally opposed by the Sicilian leaders of his party.

Mattarella was not only disturbing the existing balance in the DC, but he was also straining his leg on business and the agreements between politics and the mafia, which, for the Mattarella murder, allied itself with the neo-fascist Roman extreme right in exchange for the escape from the Ucciardone prison of the leader, Concutelli. But the Mattarella murder is also the story of a family, human beings, values and ideals pursued with a sincere spirit of service and solidarity: aspects that play a central role in the film. Aurelio Grimaldi retraces those tragic days with an attentive and sensitive eye.

Movie Card

DirectionAurelio Grimaldi
ActorsAntonio Alveario, Claudio Castrogiovanni, Nicasio Catanese, David Coco, Francesco Di Leva, Donatella Finocchiaro, Sergio Friscia, Lollo Franco, Ivan Giambirtone, Leo Gullotta, Guia Jelo, Tuccio Musumeci, Tony Sperandeo, Andrea Tidona, Francesco La Mantia
ScreenplayAurelio Grimaldi
CinematographerAlfio D’Agata
EditingDaniele Camaioni
ProductionCine 1 Italia e Arancia Cinema