Il sole dei Cattivi


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The film shows the figures of Herod and Caiaphas in a reality show. Herod, who asks himself questions about God, provokes visitors to the Living Nativity in Grottammare, hurling himself at everyone. In the Living Nativity scene, next to the figures and the audience, he experiences moments of discouragement, agitation and anger, until he discovers, in the surreality of a story that alternates visionary and everyday, an unexpected sense. Caiphas, with his repentance, shakes the representation of Larino’s Passion. His being in the Passion unfolds like an inverted Way of the Cross of which the old priest becomes the martyr. Between drama and irony, the film recounts, from a dubious human point of view, the birth and death of Christ.

Movie Card

Year 2014
Direction Paolo Consorti
Actors Luca Lionello, Nino Frassica, Stefano Belisari (Elio ), Nichi Vendola, Federico Rosati, Manfredi Saavedra, Francesca Angelozzi, Veronica Barelli, Cinzia Carrea, Elide Gaia Santori, Elena Cagnetti, Emanuela Voltattorni, Lucilio Santoni, Edoardo Ripani, Ettore Perugini, Agostino Vallorani
Screenplay Paolo Consorti
Cinematographer Umberto Croci
Editing Paolo Marzoni
Production Opera Totale