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Editing and VFX

Harold and Michelle are two english reporters who manage a Youtube channel dedicated to the paranormal. A man, Damiano Marani, obsessed with frequent hallucinations and the constant appearance of a child staring at him, invites them to Rocca Canterano to verify and witness the event. Excited by the idea of doing a great news scoop, the two go to Italy but when they reach the town, Damiano has disappeared.

Movie Card

DirectionMirko Virgili
ActorsLuca Di Giovanni, Jennifer Mischiati, Martina Tonarelli, Mark Johnson, Loredana Cannata, Paola Lavini, Jennifer Di Staso, Mathilde Maggi.
ScreenplayFilippo Santaniello, Mirko Virgili e Salvatore Lizzio
CinematographerFrancesco Ciccone
EditingDaniele Camaioni
ProductionCine 1 Italia