The kitchen is a laboratory: food and ingredients are put together for both the palate and the eyes. Photography is not dissimilar: the ingredients (the subject) are captured to then be completed in the laboratory (the dark room) and to appeal to the eyes. Daniele Camaioni has reconciled the passion for high-class gastronomy with photography, and he is not a food professional, those masterly photographs, which show magazines and books with adventures in the reign of Pantagruel. He bends the food to his desires, without respect. Freezing arctic landscapes have something improbable about them. Too much mint green and unnaturally square-shaped, great masses of ice tower over mirrored surfaces. The mysterious Stonehenge is suffused in an intense blue light that no hour of the night can produce; certain landscapes have not been seen even in the most extravagant science-fiction films.

In his laboratory, Camaioni creates triumphs of sugar and chocolate, and puts into use thousands of gourmet secrets in order to compose scenes bordering on the edge of reality. He photographs the edible architecture and prints them in a large format on canvas. The eyes devour his images and the mouth experiences tastes interspersed with imagination and memories.

Giuliana Scimè
Corriere della Sera

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