Daniele Camaioni turns food into an architectural instrument, a multi-functional material, that moulds together suspended landscapes, territories of metaphysical nature, visions of a floating limbo of lysergically, hyper-real skin. In order to do so, the artist first creates a sculptural model of the pieces, thus transforming the form and the function of the food in use. Immediately afterwards he photographs the structure, which he then recreates digitally and prints on the appropriate support structures.

The result demonstrates the divine artificiality of food: glacial landscapes, magmatic dimensions of a nature with neo-romantic echoes. Magic, yet also unnerving places, spaces of sudden apparitions. An ecology of mystery where the micro becomes macro and vice versa, where the falsification seems more alive than the truth, where the biological flow’s customary features are transformed. An overall contamination, which the world reinvents in the likeness of an increasingly hybrid vision. By the end within an apparent abstraction with an extremely realistic nature.

Gianluca Marziani

See the Planet Food project

Camaioni’s edible architecture
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